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  • Being plan managed means that a NDIS registered plan management provider (such as Your Choice Plan Management) takes care of the National Disability Insurance Scheme funding on the participant’s behalf, ensuring timely payment of invoices and other admin.

    This relieves the stress that can be associated with claiming payments through the NDIS MyPlace Portal and the hassle of storing all receipts.

    By using a plan manager, the participant can use service providers who are both registered and not registered with the NDIS, often giving you better value and certainly improved choice and control over your NDIS budget.

  • To be plan managed, you must have ‘Improved Life Choices’ included in your NDIS plan.

    If your planning meeting or review is coming up, be sure to request that “Improved Life Choices” is included in your plan. This covers all plan management fees so there is no expense to you or your support budget.

    If you have a current plan that does not have Improved Life Choices included, but you do wish to be plan managed, you can request a light touch review of your NDIS plan to have plan management included. Unlike full reviews, light touch reviews can take about one – two weeks as you are only changing the way funds are managed.

  • The NDIS will approve claims for what is deemed a ‘reasonable and necessary’ support. These are goods or services directly relevant to the participant achieving the specific goals and objectives detailed in their current NDIS plan.

    The NDIS will be unlikely to approve claims that are not deemed to be related to a participant’s disability, such as; items everyone has to pay for like day to day living costs, entertainment, food, support items already delivered under other NDIS funding, items that do not represent value for money, items that may pose a risk of harm to the participant or others, and items already covered by other Government funding such as Medicare etc.

    More information about what are deemed “reasonable and necessary” supports – see the NDIS website. You might also find the NDIS explanation video links under our resources section useful too.

  • We make getting started with a service provider easy. We’ll send you a ‘New Provider Form’ with all the information they will need to forward us invoices, and you can leave the rest to us.

  • Our service costs you nothing. Our fee is added to your NDIS budget so there is no reduction in the funds you have to get the support you need. So our extra help is effectively “free” to you.

    All you have to do is request “Improved Life Choices” be included in your plan, the NDIA will then cover our fees. This includes the initial one-off cost (per plan) of getting you set up in our system and supporting you as you transition to plan management, as well as our flat-rate monthly fees.

  • This is a review of a decision by the NDIA. The NDIA staff member who works on the internal review will not have been involved in the earlier decision. They may want to talk to you directly as part of this process.

  • ‘Reasonable’ means something fair and ‘necessary’ means something a person needs.
    The NDIS funds supports and services that relate to a person’s disability to help them achieve their goals.

  • Our aim is to get your claim to the NDIA as quickly as we can and we have invested heavily in the best available software to get funds to your provider or your reimbursement paid within 3-5 days as our goal.

    Making sure we have your providers’ current bank and other details helps ensure we can meet this 3-5 day payment goal.

  • Refer to the checklist on page 9 of Participant Booklet 3, or see the form based on this checklist in this website’s resources section.

  • Generally speaking – “no” the NDIS will not fund a smart device as these are seen as a common day-to-day living cost for many Australians, including people with disability. Of course, there are some exceptions and the link below runs you through some examples and the rationale on when they might be funded.

    Click here for examples and the NDIS guidelines for smart devices.

NDIS Plan Management

Sign Up Today and Start Claiming Tomorrow!

  • The signup process takes only a few minutes. Either fill out our contact form, email us at or call 08 6333 0901 to get started.

    We also offer what we call an “on-boarding meeting” (which takes about 30-45 minutes) either face to face or by Zoom, to ensure we understand your plan and situation so we can work out together how we can best support you.

  • Yes! You are able to change plan mangers at any time. Here at Your Choice Disabiity Plan Management we are happy to take over your plan management and waive our set-up fee. Our goal is to ensure that you have NO STRESS with the financial management of your NDIS plan.

    If you already have a plan manager and want to make the switch to US you can SIGN UP NOW or contact us on (08) 6333 0901. We’ll assist you in contacting your current plan manager to arrange the transition and ensure there are no disruptions to the payments of your supports.

    We don’t want you to feel stuck with a provider that doesn’t suit your needs.

  • Once you have completed the sign-up process with Your Choice DPM, you will be sent log in details to our portal and how to set up a password.

    Once you have done that, you will be able to view your budgets, goals, invoices easier than ever with Your Choice DPM. The portal is accessible on smart phone, tablet or computer 24/7.

  • Invoices can be emailed by you or your provider to An invoice template is found here.

    You are able to claim a personal reimbursement with a tax receipt and a Request for Reimbursement Form and email to

    Our preferred file extension for invoices, receipts, and other documentation is PDF format.

  • Our sophisticated software system alerts us when you have received a new plan. We set up the new plan, advise you of the plan managed funding amounts and request you send us a copy of your new plan as per our service agreement.

Your Choice DPM Processes

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